The Aerie


“The Aerie” is a fictional supernatural show for multimedia use - online or broadcast. It is produced by lynx Networks, an equally fictitious entertainment company. A fifteen second opening bumper is needed to be used for promotional means. The opening should have a feeling of intrigue and eeriness. The creators don’t want to give away the premise to the audience, they just want to create a tone of supernatural intrigue.

I acquired free attribution images, music and video to use with Photoshop and AfterEffects to create this opening sequence. Some of the techniques used are 3D layers, camera, EFX, puppet pin and animation.


"The Aerie" one page media release. I used Adobe Indesign to create a one page web release as part of a media kit for the show.

Live Demo of "The Aerie" electronic press kit

I hand-coded "The Aerie" EPK using Pure CSS framework as a base.

The Aerie EPK