Wulf’s Full Moon Beer

This is a web animation using HTML and CSS3 to create an advertisement for a ficticious beer company called Wulf's Full Moon Beer. It's main goal is to be eye catching and appealing to the site user  but not so obnoxiously flashy that users will get turned off by it. I have created the ad as a stand alone element to be placed into a framework web page and I created a PSD/GIF prototype of the page using Photoshop. The video is a screen capture of the working web ad. All site elements, logos and names are original content but ficticious in nature.

For this process, I had a general idea of what I wanted to do after looking at the forest and moon photo at noticing its transparency. I keyframed color in percentages as a web animation exercise and creatively took off from there.

Blue Wolf keyframe

web animation beer ad

Red Wolf keyframe

beer ad with animation

Layout for page with ad included


Working GIF Prototype