UX/UI Design

Drupal e-commerce website project + Invision prototyping

This is a project for a fictitious business called Canopi-1. They specialize in unusual home designs, home automation and outdoor home products such as garden materials. They strive to be eco-friendly and sustainable.  Their off-shoot business objective is to create revenue to fund their space colony project. They want to build a sustainable, livable torus habitat in space.


Go to website: Canopi-1

Style Tile: Not necessarily the final design, more to get a feel for fonts, design, colors, themes,  and pagination.
Style Tile for website

Wireframes for Mobile: Just the basics. 

wireframe home page

Home Page

Shop wireframe

Shop Page

wireframe item description

Item Details Page

Invision Prototypes

original prototypes for mobile

User Feedback: On the original prototypes it was pointed out that:

  • No  back button
  • Add to cart and photos in Home and LED Garden page look 'squished'.
  • Label all images
  • Hierarchy on Shop page could be improved
  • Don't need plus icon on Garden page
  • Nav disappeared on Garden page
  • Overall design was well received, easy to follow via clickable images in testing.

 Revisions made to Version 2

revised prototype for mobile
Invision Prototypes Final

Mobile prototype ready for further feedback