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Offbeats is a group project based on the idea of an arts collective with a love for the unusual. Be it fashion, toilet culture, books, remix of arts or film and entertainment, we were out to find the weird and the wonderful to share with an organically grown social media audience.

That audience's main demographics were 15yrs old - 45 yrs old, any gender, students, employed, any ethnicity, single or married.

Each week we took turns developing a theme, writing an original article and providing supportive curated content via research and links. Each week we hosted a different social media channel and we were responsible for writing a short supporting original article for the other team member's weekly theme, posting content, and responding to comments. A very colorful website was made to host the articles.

It was great fun and a rewarding team experience!  View website


Why do them? Personas can be very helpful in figuring out what is going on in a prospective user's world and helped us understand who we might be wanting to attract and who may not be interested in us. Please click link below to view personas I created for the project.


Film & Entertainment Week

This was my theme week to create a banner, host Twitter and provide an article.  Read the article.


Film & Entertainment Banner

Leah Waldron banner creation

Article on website


Social Media Postings

Facebook - Check out the site!

Remix of Arts Week - I hosted Facebook.

Facebook graffiti post image
Facebook fish painting image

Film & Entertainment Week I hosted Twitter.

Twitter popcorn post image

Pinterest - Check out the site!

Fashion week I hosted Pinterest.

Pinterest image board

Fashion short article I wrote for that week's theme.


Google+ - Check out the site!

Books week I hosted Google+.

Google+ post images
Google+ Book image