My client Larunoir is a fictitious electronic music band looking to have a promo video produced for their new cd/album “strange nights”.  They would also like the cd/album cover fully designed and some additional branding merchandise such as t-shirts, hats and tote bags.

The video was made using still images manipulated with Photoshop, video that I shot, and stock video. I used Premiere Pro was for video editing and then switched to After Effects to assemble and add VFX. I composed and arranged the music using Apple Loops and Garageband.

The cd/album covers and interior cover design was made using free attribution photos, a public domain etching that was made in the year 1554 and Photoshop. The client (I had a volunteer agree to be a persona for the band for the cover design elements) chose the final design to be used for the cover and with the other branding materials.

Front Cover Designs

electronic music CD design 01
Electronic Music CD design 02
Electronic music CD design 03

Back Cover Designs

Back cover design CD 1
CD back cover design 2
CD back cover design 3

The Client chose the middle design for the front and back cover. This was used for all branding merchandise. Font colors were allowed to be changed for variety.

Inside Cover Design

This is the full width inside cover design that was chosen from sketched ideas.

album cover interior design


tshirt design for music band
music band hats design
Music band backpack design