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In the Cloud 

In the Cloud is an animated web series about a small city located inside the virtual and ever changing world of computer code. It is an educational and imaginative view into a cartoon world ruled by web coding and  'ruled' by (young, well-meaning and unintentionally humorous) Queen Mildred with help from her entourage. Her lack of coding logic causes her to break code (especially div containers) and build unusual items.  For a core audience of 8-16yrs but with wide appeal to other ages.   In development.


I created this short bumper for "In the Cloud" using Adobe After Effects. All character design, backgrounds, and music are original creations.

Character Design


Queen Mildred

Bright, quick witted and unknowingly funny but has an uncanny knack for breaking code, almost magical in fact. If she even looks at a div “wrong” it may break. Logic is not on her list of strengths. Lives in her lavender tower container with Scribe and Echo.


Writes down whatever Queen Mildred says that Scribe finds relevant (usually funny). Scribe is more logical, patient and quiet but has her own brand of wit. Scribe is often aided by Echo because when forgets what Mildred says. She likes to frequently style her hair into unusual creations.


Echo is an energetic good-natured sidekick who lives with Scribe and Queen Mildred. Echo repeats back whatever Queen Mildred has said only when asked. Scribe frequently asks for an “echo” from Echo when she forgets what she wants to write down. Echo seems very knowledgeable but just literally repeats whats been said.

In theCloud cartoon ninja
cartoon unicorn with ten heads


Fights errors, defeats viruses and annihilates any unfriendly intruders into the City of Broken Divs. Secretly in love with Queen Mildred despite the fact she broke his favourite almond milk container and his favourite game controller div and his super secret hideout container.


A ten-headed unicorn. Really, no kidding. Mischievous Decacorn often breaks out of sections and runs around, poking into asides and generally causing trouble.


A flamboyant mushroom who likes to sing, dance and wear nice shoes. She often performs with her band all over the city.  She loves to use CSS to change colour and style. The other mushrooms adore her and follow her around.

cartoon crackers

Magic Crackers

Cracks code when thrown by Ninja.  Often just flys by scanning an area. Sometimes eaten by Decacorn.

cartoon city of broken divs

City of broken divs

A lively city in the clouds, contained in an alpha mushroom, and run by code. Intact, broken, and repaired containers give the city form. It's kooky residents give it heart. Sometimes it seems to have a mind of its own...

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