Graphics using Illustrator and Photoshop


These digital magazine, ad and article images samples were made by using photoshop blend modes and masking to composite several images.

rusted car in flames
Colorful beauty face
Riveted jeans ad


This client had very specific content to be communicated and a design brief, comps and consultations were done before selecting the final design. The black border is for display purposes only.

CIRP brochure A

Exterior Brochure Design

CIRP BrochureB

Interior Brochure Design

Stamps Group Project

This was a team project in which we were required to provide thumbnails, layout sketches, comps and final designs for our own individual stamp design. Our client required us to design stamps with a Canadian theme of our choice. We decided on a British Columbia theme centered on cities and towns and formed a palette based on their weather patterns. The team worked together to agree on a cohesive design fit for the overall project. I designed the 'Tofino' stamp and the Letter 'R' for the Whistler Stamp using Illustrator.

                          Final Stamp Design

BC cities stamp designs
tofino BC stamp illustration

My Stamp Design - Tofino

Background colours were toned down on the final to reflect the stormy weather in Tofino, BC.

Whistler BC stamp

Design for the Whistler 'R'

I designed the 'R' in Whistler to look like the Hemloft. The Hemloft is a self-sustaining, semi-famous, nearly impossible to find cabin built somewhere on crown land around Whistler, BC.

Banners For Digital Ads

Digital Marketing requires very specific sizing for banner ads on the web. These are some examples I created using Photoshop. Tesla and Oxfam were not involved in this process in any way and they own all copyrights regarding their brand and products. These are for sample display only. The gray background color is for offset purposes only.

ad banner 320 tesla
ad banner tesla 300


banner tesla 160
ad banner tesla 1200
ad banner tesla 728
ad banner oxfam 320
ad banner oxfam 300


oxfam ad banner 160
ad banner oxfam 1200
ad banner oxfam 720

Poster Art

Theatre Poster for Othello

          Photo Re-touch

image restoration

A poster advertisement I created for a fictitious theater company's production of the Shakespeare play 'Othello'. Designed with Illustrator.

This is a public domain Civil War era daguerreotype I found and restored as a project using Photoshop. The original is on the right and my restoration is on the left.