Hello, I'm Leah. I'm a graduate of the BCIT New Media & Web Development program and an experienced professional in the entertainment and digital media industry. I have worked with live action and stop motion formats, digital, TV, web, and commercial production. I love content creation, marketing, writing, photography, and all forms of art. I live in the greater Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada.



I travel often, both for leisure and for work. I love meeting other people from different countries and learning about their experiences. I enjoy the art, food and rhythm of travelling.  My experiences have taught me to appreciate the humanity we all share and that life is terribly unfair to some of us. There is great beauty in some of the ugliness of the world and also great ugliness in some of the beauty.


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I enjoy taking photos when I travel and sometimes use them for storytelling purposes and other art projects. I like nature, landscapes, and points of interest with unusual shapes.