Hello, this my New Media portfolio site. You'll find some of my projects from the BCIT New Media & Web Development program and a few personal projects as well.

New Media is classically defined as being a means of mass communication using digital technologies such as the internet. But really, what do you love about the web? Watching fantastic (and not so fantastic) videos, movies or tv/web series? Maybe just the social sharing and reading of articles? Or the convenience and pleasure of looking at great photography and artworks from around the world? I love all of that and strive to share my ideas with others both personally and professionally.

My main interests in digital media are content creation for the web, film and print, by way of multimedia design and communications. My professional background is in the entertainment industry and digital media.


Multimedia -The Aerie
Storytelling - Green Energy
UX/UI Design - Canopi-1
Animation - Things to Sea!
Graphics - BC Stamps
Storytelling - Travel India -Mag+
Offbeats-Social Media Project
Web Animation - Wulf's Full Moon Beer
Storytelling - Larunoir music branding
Multimedia -Metastream Entertainment
Animation - In the Cloud

Art is never finished. Only abandoned.

—Leonardo da Vinci